PP bags manufacturer in Lithuania

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Joint-stock company „PARKEVITA“ are young and very hustle enterprise. Thanks to skilled workers our enterprise make the running and win out yet.

As it has already been mentioned, we keep up with the latest technologies worldwide. It should be said not only about the equipment, but also about the materials (cloth, threads, various tapes and other details). The bags, sacks (big bags) and soft containers, produced by our Company are laboratory tested in special labs and are issued with quality certificates, and, no one should not have any doubts about their quality, endurance and safety.

Our company specializing in the production of various sacks and bags, made from the polypropylene. We are producing small PP bags, Big-Bags, various FIBC’S and another sacks, capacity till 2000 kg.

JSC “PARKEVITA” can offer You:

·Small bags, Big-Bags, various FIBC’S and another sacks, which will be made according to yours specifications;

·Your company’s logo on each bag;

·Faultless quality by European standards;

·Competitive prices;

·Our guarantees to fulfill our obligations by yours wishes.

Our bags and sacks, Big-Bags and FIBC’S are used, for transportation various products, some of them are granulated products, food agricultural materials, clothes, textile waste and so on.

Most important things are the competence, high quality and durability of products, seriousness, reliability, helpfulness.

Our mission is to manufacture products, which meet or exceed customer wishes. This will do by developing mutually with customers, bankers, suppliers, employees and etc.

Our company also interest in procurement of polypropylene material for our sacks and bags and hope to collaborate in that range.

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