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NDC Infrared Engineering Celebrates 10 Years of Combined Excellence

In January 2008, NDC Infrared Engineering, the Europe and USA based manufacturer of measurement and control systems for industry, celebrates 10 years of combined excellence since the merger of NDC Systems and Infrared Engineering.

At the time of the 1998 merger, each company had 30 years’ experience in providing its customers with robust systems designed to help them achieve manufacturing process improvements through dependable measurement and control. NDC Systems expertise was in nucleonic measurement and control systems for the extrusion, converting and paper industries while Infrared Engineering offered world leading, high stability NIR (near infrared) on-line gauges for the foods, paper-converting, plastics, tobacco and other industrial processes.

Capitalizing on the synergistic opportunity resulting from the merger, the company has further developed its two centres of excellence with the UK site focussing on NIR and now X-Ray sensor development and the US site on scanning, display and control systems for the web industries.

Both business units have seen strong growth over the last 10 years not only in Europe and the USA but also Asia, Latin America and significantly China.

The company’s global reach has extended with the establishment of direct sales, service and support operations in China, India, Japan, France, Germany and Italy and its dedicated distributor network now extends to over 50 territories, with specialist representation for both product groups.

NDC, as the company is now known, has benefitted from continued investment in product development and applications engineering, often undertaking cooperative projects with its key customers to meet their specific measurement needs. Recent introductions include the PharmaView™ system for moisture measurement and control in fluid bed drying in pharmaceutical manufacture, the Series 300 X-ray gauges for applications in packaging and non-woven textiles, and the new InfraLab at-line analyzer for foods and powdered products.

NDC sees repeat business levels of over 70% which is testimony to the trust its customers place in NDC measurement systems in helping to assure their product quality and competiveness in a global market. The company’s motto is “The Measure of Quality™” which characterizes the measurable benefits its customers gain from their investment in an NDC product.

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