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April 2003

After a little more than 15 months, the manufacturer of mixing equipment, MTI Mischtechnik Industrieanlagen GmbH finally ends the insolvency situation.

On April 1st, 2003 the new company MTI-MISCHTECHNIK INTERNATIONAL GMBH started its market activities for the MTI products, manufactured in Germany, USA and Japan and sets clear goals for the future.

Within the last months the company was able to become profitable again and gained clear profits. Furthermore this period was used to reposition the company in the worldwide markets as well as to complete extensive restructuring measures and reorganization processes.

The MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH will concentrate its activities on the main products, especially mixers for the plastics as well as chemical industry.

Christian Honemeyer: “In the past 15 months MTI was able to sell, manufacture and start-up successfully more than 50 mixers. In this occasion all MTI employees, the insolvency manager and especially the family Honemeyer would like to point out our honest gratitude for all the trust and support by our worldwide customers within these months.

Without all that support we would not have been able to continue the 28 years of MTI history.”

The year 2003 started already very successful since MTI was able to sell several big mixers to North America, East Europe and Asia.

The company already has been founded in 1999 by the Honemeyer family.

In the beginning the MTI - Mischtechnik International GmbH was concentrating its activities on consulting and the support for the foreign partners and offices.

The MTI-Mischtechnik International GmbH will start with approx. 45 employees and a turnover forecast of 5 Mio. €.

The past year showed, that even during a period of a slow world economy, MTI was able to clearly exceed all planned targets.

The focusing on our main products led to a clear improvement of the financial situation of MTI and back to economical success.

The further changes in the internal business procedures will provide more efficiency and a faster service for our customers needs. This will also have positive effects on the successful future of our company.

We, the team of MTI-Mischtechnik International GmbH, are looking forward for a successful partnership in the future.

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