Midwest Industrial Supply Acquires Dust-Buster

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Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. of Canton, Ohio announces the acquisition of Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, LLC Dust-Buster® Dust Suppression Business Line.

Martin Marietta was a pioneer in the development of foam dust suppression for material handling operations. The business later expanded to provide dust control into a variety of mineral and metal processing applications. The Dust-Buster line has one of the preeminent foam dust suppressant packages available today as well as the successful Dust-Buster HR 51 Haul Road Sealant and Dust Suppressant. Dust-Buster Systems were built at the Glen Burnie Application Center and shipped to countries around the world including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Portugal, Chile and Mexico.

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. is retaining key original Dust-Buster personnel to continue offering custom services and product reliability.

Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. has been the industry leader in dust control products and services for the past 28 years and specializes in dust suppression, erosion and sediment control for haul roads, unpaved roads, storage piles, ashponds and tailing sites. Midwest also provides a specialized process dust system known as MoFoam®. With the addition of the Dust-Buster line, Midwest will now offer a full line of equipment and products to control fugitive dust emissions from materials during loading, unloading, crushing, transferring, stockpiling, reclaiming and other material handling operations. And Dust-Buster HR 51 compliments Midwest‚s leadership position in Haul Road Programs. Midwest maintains service centers in Canton, Ohio; Morton, Illinois; Houston, Texas and Santa Maria, California.

Robert Vitale, President of Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. states, "Our decision to acquire the Dust-Buster line is based on the unique advantages and synergies this will bring to customers. Foremost among these advantages is the realization of Midwest's Mission to help customers improve their operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. Environmental stewardship and compliance for customers is achieved with the most innovative products and services available in the market."

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