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“STORSACK EUREA” founded in 1970. Company is a private partnership comprising Thomas Noor as major partner with associates in many countries: the largest producer worldwide of flexible intermediate bulk containers (commonly called „big bags“). To become the world leader, it takes a great effort on product development, product quality and of course a perfect service. “STORSACK EUREA” offers its customers the best performance on every level:

Product development

“STORSACK EUREA” is always ahead when it comes to developing products meeting new requirements. Our certified test center ensures top quality and reliability. It's therefore that our customers frequently ask “STORSACK EUREA” to participate in the development of new, unique packaging solutions.

Product quality

Our production facilities meet the highest standards in production. All facilities are certified according to ISO 9001 and especially for the food- and health industry we produce according to HACCP regulations.


What's a perfect product without service on the same level. Get to know our sales representatives and experience the pleasant and professional service you get from “STORSACK EUREA”. Soon you'll find out that we tell what we do and we do what we tell. What more do you want?

We can offer you:

• PP fabric

• PP bags (Small bags, Big Bags - single, two and four loops bags, Big Bags

for liquids, bulk container liners and etc.)

• Webbing

• Sewing Yarn

• PP or PE liners

Our factories located in Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, soon India and China. The ownership of the factories is organized via a system of joint ventures, which varies from country to country. In most factories “STORSACK EUREA” have a controlling interest, other factories work on exclusive contracts.

The buyers should buy from us because we are the largest FIBC manufacturer in the world, we are proactive, innovative and flexible to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers and our markets, we respond to the market changes based on global supply, supported to local service, we are the forefront of shaping the industries future through development of international standards for safety, performance and product design, we ensure of our products worldwide.

Vilma Bareikaite

JSC "Storsack Baltija"

Tel: 0037046310335

Fax: 0037046310336

Mob: +37065645814

Vilma Bareikaite JSC "Storsack Baltija" Tel: 0037046310335 Fax: 0037046310336 Mob: +37065645814 E-mail:
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