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The Future of Bulk Bag Charging and Discharging Has Arrived!

IEDCO has become the exclusive North American distributor for Visval AG, Switzerland.

Visval has successfully married the virtues of the FIBC ( economy and disposability ) and the Cone Valve (containment and controlled discharge) - the SoliValve®. This technology eliminates operator interaction with the FIBC ( flexible intermediate bulk container or bulk bag ) spout during both charging and discharging while providing a very high level of containment.

Accurate batching is now achievable directly from an FIBC and partially filled bag removal is both simple and contained. The SoliValve® technology permits the docking and undocking of the FIBC with NO operator interaction with the spout, making it cleaner, more user friendly and faster than conventional methods.

SoliValve® Technology

Virtually any powder handling container ( Bulk Bags, Drums and even IBCs ) can be converted to the SoliValve® system. Conversion of standard bulk bags to SoliBags® can be done in less than 5 minutes! For the first time, the automatic and contained handling of all common bulk containers can be achieved via a universal active docking system.

Packaging costs can be minimized thanks to the ability to reuse the Passive SoliValve® and the selective recycling and disposal of the packaging components. On the operational and environmental side, the use of the SoliValve® technology guarantees lower OEL levels and eliminates cross-contamination.

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