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Engineering Excellence

Considering their relatively small populations, the Scandinavian countries punch well above their weight when it comes to world-class engineering capabilities.

Finland for instance, the land of lakes and forest, is the home to many technically advanced companies such as Nokia the telecoms giant that pioneered the mobile phone revolution and continues to lead the world in mobile communications.

Just across the lake from Nokia is rhe town of Parkano the home of Hollming Works – a name equally respected amongst the heavy-weight manufacturing fraternity for engineering excellence.

Hollming applies its precision engineering to the design and manufacture of steel components and entire capital equipment such as large pressure vessels, gigantic ships’ propeller units, winches with up to 650 tonne pulling power needed to move off-shore oil rig frame parts and anchors, turbines for off-shore wind farms, bark stripping drums for the wood-pulp industry and complex chassis for mobile crushers and conveyors for the mineral winning industries. All these and more emerge, ready for work, from Hollming’s four Finnish factories at Kankaanpää, Loviisa, Parkano and Pori, for delivery to customers in Finland, Europe and across the world.

Metso is world-famous for its range of mineral and aggregate crushing and processing plant, Sandvik is the Swedish name for drilling equipment and Tamrock is a leader in underground loaders and trucks, ABB is synonymous with heavy-duty power plant, while Rolls-Royce needs no introduction and FL Smidt’s plants are producing cement throughout the world.



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Hollming Works Oy (Continued)

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These and many other companies have found it economically advantageous to concentrate on design and marketing and entrust their fabrication and assembly and their commitments and reputations to Hollming Works.

While many European manufacturers have seen work drift away to the Far East, Hollming has not only retained but has increased its contracts as Hollming’s customers find that saving a few dollars on cheap labour can cost them far more in terms of lost business due to inconsistent quality and late deliveries.

Hollming is confident that, when clients have to satisfy delivery deadlines, Hollming’s reputation for outstanding quality coupled with the ability to deliver ‘on time’ offers clear cost advantages over, possibly, faulty components that can take weeks to be shipped half way around the world. Time is always money and late delivery penalties can severely dent profitability.

Hollming have a full order book but they are not complacent. With an eye to the future this 60 year old company has doubled its fabrication and assembly capacity, installing more state-of-the-art machining technology and expanding its highly-skilled, well-motivated workforce.

Mining is booming but the long lead time for plant deliveries leaves frustrated resource companies unable to meet demand. Plant and equipment suppliers of ore handling or processing machinery could increase output and gain a competitive edge by partnering with Hollming Works.

Manufacturers planning to outsource their fabrication or construction should arrange an early visit to any of Hollming’s’ workshops.

They will find that the fresh air, the clean streets, the easy efficiency and the warm hospitality an apt introduction to Hollming Works and the reason why this Finnish company can confidently claim to be masters of manufacturing.

For more information, please contact Mr. Tapani Mannonen, Director, Sales and Marketing, at:


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