Economic Conditions May Point to Toll Grinding

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Posted in: , on 27. Sep. 2003 - 16:09

With the economy in the midst of a three-year lag, many companies are choosing toll grinding rather than purchasing a new size reduction mill with the capital expense that entails.

Union Process, Inc., a manufacturer of a broad line of wet and dry grinding Attritors and small media mills, has expanded its toll grinding capabilities to help serve this need.

Before a decision is made to contract with the company for toll grinding, lab trials are done on the customer’s material to estimate processing times and to assure that the customer’s end product specifications are met. Once the decision is made to proceed, Union Process grinds the customer’s material to the specified requirements and ships the completed product to the customer per the contract.

President Arno Szegvari commented, “Many companies are choosing this option now as it requires no capital expense, no additional personnel, no insurance or liability costs, no additional space requirements and our experienced technicians are highly qualified to maximize the efficiency of our equipment. The end result, in some cases, may even exceed the quality of what the customer might have achieved with their own personnel.”

Tolling can be done for a short period to complete a specific project or can be a long-term, ongoing arrangement where Union Process continues to grind the product as long as the customer requires it.

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