Dust Suppression Systems by Polo Citrus Australia

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Polo Citrus Australia has been effectively reducing dust emissions to an approved level since 1990. We have been extremely successful in being a supplier to all the major players within the quarry industry. Over the past few years, our technology has continously improved, where we have strived to reduce ongoing costs to quarries by installing customer specific dust suppression systems, designed for the individual customer. At Polo Citrus, we have a strong on the occupational health and safety issues related to dust emmissions. We also have a range of products suitable for underground mines where respiratory dust is a major issue. Reducing dust emmissions between 80-90% is not uncommon.

Polo Citrus Australia's technology of product continues to develop with time. We have recently launced a biodegradable Truckwash which contains Natural Orange Oil; giving it brilliant cleaning properties as well as leaving vehicles streak free. A clear formulation with no phosphate or salt; safe for all trucks and cars.

Polo Citrus Australia head office is in Melbourne but we also have a significant network throughout Australia. We have the support of an internationally recognised company to assist in streamlining our logisitical network at an effective price for the end user.

Through a continuous improvement process, Polo Citrus Australia strives to provide products that are safe to use; for the user and the environment. Our dust suppression products are specifically built for maximum efficiency and our industrial detergents are chemically adequate to provide a cleaning solution for all applications.

For more details please visit: https://edir.bulk-online.com/profile...-australia.htm

The European distributer is Team Tomca AS, please visit:



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