Dust Filtration & Separation

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Shanghai Sffiltech Co., Ltd. is the branch company of Jiangsu Zhengda Senyuan Group Co., Ltd. which is one of the leading companies on the dust filtration and separation products in China. What we are doing is that we are willing to take away dust from the air, to protect human being's living environment fresh & clean with our best efforts, to serve the companies who needing baghouse system parts and related products. Our company have four lines of needle punched felt equipment, hundreds of filter bags sewing machine, 300 hundred glass weaving equipments. We have excellent professional teams work on the filtration technical developing and quality control system. Right now our company and products had won a good reputation in local and abroad markets.

Our needle punched felts which including polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid, P84, glass-fiber, PTFE, and the multi-fibers are widely used in the dust separation & filtration industry.We can make the filter cloth finished with the treatment of water & oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, Teflon latex pregnancy, PTFE membrane lamination, glass woven silicon finish, and glass woven graphic finish, glass woven teflon finish and so on.Our professional sewing workers can also provide you the best quality perfect filter bags. Our automatic cage welding machine will also produce you the very good quality cages in carbon steel or stainless steel. We weave our own scrims, so we can also offer you our multi high-performance and high-tensile strength scrims according to your requirement. For more,we can also offer you the high performance sewing threads made of aramid, glass-yarn, PPS, PTFE and other related material.

We are also on the roles of the agency of high performance PTFE fibre, filter bag tubing automatic sewing lines, and filter cage welding line. If you need any kind these products, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We will make you the promptly response and best service.

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