Dry Bulk Container Liner

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HI , we can supply dry bulk container liner with high quality , if you are interested , please contact us.

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Anthente Dry Bulk Container Liner

Posted on 22. Jun. 2012 - 11:35

Dear friends,

We are a manufacturer of Bulk Plastic Packaging Products in China. Our products include:

1. FIBC bulk bags U+2 Structure, Tubular, Circular, and also Dust-proof bags, Ventilated bags, Baffled bags (Q-bags), Type B Anti-static bags, as well as AIB food grade bags, skip bags for waste.

2. Dry Bulk Container Liner for bulk powder, granular goods transportation, such as PP resin, Flour, Rice, etc.

3. Flexi Tank (Flexible bag) for bulk liquid transportation.

Certified by AIB, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO 9001:2008, etc.

Please contact us if interested, thanks!


Mr. Shaokui Liu

Shandong Anthente New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: anthente@hotmail.com