Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. Completes Tank Removal and Building Demolition Project

Posted in: , on 4. Oct. 2007 - 19:03

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc., a specialized contractor providing demolition services, onsite concrete aggregate crushing, Brownfield redevelopment and scrap metal recycling to various industries, recently completed the demolition of a building and the removal of an underground storage tank in New Jersey.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. (Dallas) had to demolish a section of the building first in order to remove the underground storage tank (UST). The building demolition was accomplished utilizing a Komatsu PC 220 excavator mounted with a grapple. A skid-steer with a demolition bucket assisted in the sorting of the materials into recyclables and debris.

Once the portion of the building that the UST was under had been demolished, Dallas removed the small 500 gallon UST. The UST was cut into scrap metal and sent offsite for scrap metal recycling.

Following UST removal, the remaining portion of the building was demolished. Debris was sent offsite for disposal and scrap metal was recycled.

The project was completed within a week and without incident or injury.

About Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. has been in business for 26 years, is financially sound (D&B Rating of 3A2), is bondable, and works on a nationwide basis. We offer a turnkey approach to demolition, concrete recycling and remediation projects by offering the following services under one roof:

Demolition Contractor Services, Onsite Concrete Aggregate Crushing and Recycling, Brownfield Redevelopment, Surplus and Used Equipment Sales, Interior Demolition, Equipment Removals, Dismantlement, Equipment Salvage and Scrap Metal Recycling.

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