CFM Italy Presents New Website

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The CFM site contains all the solutions for the industrial suction

Since 1997 CFM is in the Internet with its site. Today the marketing department. of CFM has renewed the web site both in the graphics and in the contents. The new corporative image shown in the exhibitions and in the adverts is the same present in the site, while the contents have been completely revised and updated.

In the web site besides the catalogue containing all the products of the CFM range, there are different sections extremely useful for all CFM users:

• The section News: continuously updated contains the news concerning the

activity of our company

• The section Contact allows the visitors to send all the inquiries and to get

the reply within 24 hours

• “Reserved area” is accessible to all the CFM partners. This section contains

a rich database with technical and commercial information

• For each model there is a specific file where you can download the

catalogue (of the machine itself) in pdf format.

In the cleaning sector the CFM site is the one with the most of information, for this reason it represents the in a high professional way the world of the industrial suction.


Marketing Dpt.CFM SpA


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Dear Sirs,

Please quote 3507W 220VAC 60Hz.


Bill Lee

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