Plastic Pellet Screen

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Plastic Pellet Screen

Customer : A large manufacturer of plastic resins and petrochemicals on the Gulf Coast

Material : 30 PCF cylindrical Plastic Pellets (Polypropylene, Polyethylene)

Size : 2.8 mm to 3.2 mm long nominal 9--+*9/+-96+-96

The Application:

A screen was required to remove over-sized, agglomerated pellets (or “stringers”) and unusable fines from the process stream for a uniform final product size.

The JVI linear screen design provides a more efficient screening machine that requires less maintenance as an alternative to gyratory type sifting screens, which are often considered for this type of project.

The JVI Equipment Solution:

Model : UCD 1200 x 2500, Stainless Steel, two deck linear classifying screen.

Drive : 2 x 3.75 HP - Electromechanical unbalanced motors.

Capacity : 33,000 pph

+89*.02++-9**/ation info:

Ball beating device for self-cleaning decks

Top deck screen apertures are 10 mm.

Bottom deck screen apertures are 2 mm.

Photo 1:

A Cut Away 3D Model of the UCD Screen


jvi-cut-away (JPG)

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Plastic Pellet Screen (Continued)

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The Result:

This is the third screen supplied to the customer by JVI for expanding operations. JVI supplied the same screen in 95, and one in 2005, to expand operations. The previously supplied screens are still in operation and the customer is very happy with performance and reliability.

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Photo 2:

UCD Plastic Pellet screen


jvi_pellet_screen (JPG)