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A Review of Control Systems in Australian Grain Terminals

Written by Watson, W.J. edited by mhd on 10. Oct. 2023
The four important centres of operation and control in grain terminals, i.e., receival hoppers shipping weighers shipping control room and main control room are discussed and control systems in some of the more recent terminals and terminal extensions in Australia are described.

Grain terminals for the shipment of Australian grain are located in all Australian states other than Northern Territory, extending from Gladstone in Queensland around the eastern, southern and western seaboards to Gladstone In Western Australia.

The receival, storage land transport handling and delivery to shiploading facilities is the responsibility of State organisations which may be either growers cooperatives or government controlled Boards or Authorities.

The grains handled include wheat oats barley sorghum and various oilseeds. Wheat is the largest grain export Item, amounting to 152 million tonnes in the 1979-80 financial year.

Some details of the control systems installed in grain terminals in recent years are given in the following paragraphs.

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