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Control and Management of Bristol Port Company's New Bulk Handling Terminal

Written by Newton, M.J. edited by mhd on 30. Jan. 2024
Concol Systems Limited, Chesterfield, U.K., are proud to have provided the comprehensive automation and manage­ ment information system for the new bulk handling facility at Royal Portbury Dock, Bristol, U.K., as subcontractors to the Balfour Beatty/Birtley Joint Venture.

Details of the project are given in the arti­ cles by Mr. Bill Reading of Birtley and Mr. P.J. Dowden of Strachan & Henshaw in this issue so this article concentrates on describing the most up-to-date facilities provided for control and management of the project.

Central to the whole automation system is the ability to integrate all the different local control systems supplied with the different plant items so that apart from rail-loading, a single point of overall con­trol is provided for the entire project. This in turn allows comprehensive manage­ment of the stockyard, with accurate record-keeping of cargoes received by ship, and individual loads despatched by train and by road. The system also en­sures safe and efficient operation of the mechanical plant, through the distributed control system and its network of com­ munication links (Fig. 1)

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