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Reclaiming Equipment at the Port of Bristol

Written by Dowden, P.J. edited by mhd on 30. Jan. 2024
Strachan & Henshaw Limited, Bristol, UK, have completed the installation and commissioning of the three coal stock­yard machines at the Royal Portbury Dock in the Port of Bristol. Strachan & Henshaw is a WEIR Group company.

The development of the Coal Import Ter­ minal is a Joint Venture between the Port of Bristol and National Power, and the main contractor for the turnkey project is the Balfour Beatty/Birtley Engineering Joint Venture. Strachan & Henshaw were awarded the contract for the three stock­ yard machines in November 1991. The terminal is rated to handle up to 7 million Va of coal and other commodities and in­ cludes two continuous ship unloaders, extensive conveyor systems and wagon loading plant in addition to the stockyard equipment.

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