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Re: Idlers

Erstellt am 21. Jun. 2007 - 12:41

Have you approached your local friendly supplier?

Have a gander at:


Which may be of assistance. There are catalogues there if you go for a look.



Re: Idlers

Erstellt am 1. Jul. 2007 - 03:45

Dear Mr. Sowders,

For my / other readers inquisitiveness, please mention where you intend to use such idlers. Are these for pipe conveyors?

If these are 3-roll idlers and if these have 70 degree trough, please take care of transition distance, otherwise the belt can fold up laterally or can over stretch at edges.


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Erstellt am 1. Jul. 2007 - 08:20

These 35-70 degree are of a 5 can configuration. This particular application is for a tunnel conveyor for transporting clinker that we are fabricating and installing. Most component suppliers do not carry these although I did find a supplier. Thanks

Re: Idlers

Erstellt am 1. Jul. 2007 - 10:01

Typical 5 roll catenary idlers are 35 and 55 or 60 degree. This somewhat depends on the belt width. Five roll catenary are found in Prok and Precismeca catalogs. They are applied to large width belts beyond 1800 mm.

Narrow belts, depending on their construction, might not be able to bend and trough with center roll contact if incompatible.

They would not be for a pipe conveyor. Most, if not all pipe conveyors, have a 30 x 60 degree grouping, stemming from the hexagon.

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