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Lawrence K. Nordell
President and CEO
Harborview Bldg., Suite A 1111, West Holly St
Bellingham (WA) 98225
Vereinigte Staaten
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Über Lawrence K. Nordell

1967 Developed BELTSTAT conveyor design program based on 1966 CEMA first edition.

1974 Cal St. University: Applied Statistics

1977 Developed principles of multiplexing (switching) inverter drives to share VFDs. among multiple conveyors ( 4 inverters started 20 motors on 13 conveyors). Developed motor load sharing math model to demonstrate ability for various motor sizes to load share on fabric and steel cord belt construction with any combination of motor power ratings.

1980 Managed development of BELTFLEX conveyor dynamic analysis program

1980 Integrated BELTFLEX & BELTSTAT designing 9 km head & tail drive conveyor

1981 Founded and incorporated Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (Delaware), President & CEO.

1980-2013 Managed development of: Conveyor belt rubber rheology modeling for power and tension, horizontal curve engineering, triaxial fatigue stress analysis for:
a) pulleys,
b) splice analysis for various stepping patterns and drive controls for: wound rotor motor timing and dynamics, inverter drives applications, fluid coupling modeling,

DEM (discrete element method) development simulating:
a) granular dynamics,
b) rock comminution,
c) metal and rubber wear,
d) dust control
e) interactions of non-round solid particles, gases and fluids,
f) 3-D DEM code now trade named ROCKY,
g) elevated triangular structures with self-powered trolleys
h) special light weight stringer concepts with belt protective transoms.

Research and patents on new belt conveyor and idler construction that may prove to reduce rolling energy loss by 20 or more beyond modern practices. Research and patents on pipe and trough belts that can negotiate much tighter horizontal curves, control dust emissions, reduce transfer points, reduce noise, and result in best Total Life Cycle Cost of Ownership.

Research and patents on new grinding mill technology that may prove to increase comminution efficiency by 100.

Major CDI projects:

1981-2013 Designed many longest and strongest world class overland conveyors which always demonstrate advanced technology that yield best fit for purpose and least
Total Life Cycle Cost or Total Ownership Cost (TOC).

1980 9 km Mina Carbofinera Rio Escondida (MICARE) – head & tail drives

1988 1.1 km Palabora Copper – world’s highest strength splice endurance (ST-6600 Nmm)

1989 20 km Channar Overland (OLC) – Australia’s longest trough belt system w lowest energy to transport ore measured in rail-road terms = ton-milesgallon of diesel =

1990 13 km Kaltim Prima Coal – Indonesia (design auditor)

1994 Developed first curved transfer chute for hard rock at Palabora extend belt life 10X

1995 ST-10,000 Nmm splice endurance machine – designed, built tested to ST-10,000

1996 16 km ZISCO horizontally curved OLC – world’s longest single flight trough belt, head & tail driven in 1996

1996 7 km Bi-way horizontally curved OLC – 4000 th on carry & 1000 th on return

1998 24 km Indo Kodeco OLC – 9 km & 8 km longest flights

1999-2012 12 km Los Pelambres downhill – worlds strongest belt (ST-7800 Nmm) rating, 25,000 kilowatts upgraded to 11,000 th and 30,000 kilowatts 2012 world’s largest conveyor fail-safe brake system with high redundancy and stress limiting features.

2004-2013 7, 8 10 km Dangote Cement curved OLC – all elevated triangular structures with self powered maintenance trolleys.

2007 20 km Curragh North curved OLC – world’s longest single flight trough in 2007 first use of SLRR (Super Low Rolling Resistance) rubber to minimize rolling energy demand. Mid-station booster with variable geometry mid-station chute.

2013-2014 27 km Impumelelo curved OLC in design – world’s longest OLC in 2014.

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