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Clyde Bergemann Power Group: DRYCON (Dry Bottom Ash System)

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High-capacity dry bottom ash handling system DRYCON™ by Clyde Bergemann Power Group for reducing environmental impact and costs. The Clyde Bergemann Power Group is a globally operating company offering innovative products and services for companies focusing on energy related production processes.

Relying on its worldwide organization, Clyde Bergemann supplies process-critical products and system solutions, which are key to an efficient and environmentally sound energy and base material generation. Main activities of the Group are:

  • Energy efficiency solutions
  • Boiler cleaning systems
  • Materials handling systems for fly and bottom ash
  • Flue gas cleaning equipment
  • Damper and bypass technologies as well as exhaust gas handling systems for gas turbines
  • Vacuum belt filter systems for the treatment of gypsum from flue gas cleaning processes
  • Combustion air systems, and
  • Heat exchangers and energy recovery systems

Used in thermal power plants, industrial boiler systems and similar combustion processes as well as in extractive industry applications, Clyde Bergemann technology makes important contributions for optimised more efficient and low-emission operations

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