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first class products and top service worldwide
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REMA TIP TOP – first class products and top service worldwide

For decades the name REMA TIP TOP stands for highest quality. Outstanding products, systems and services distinguish the company – all around the world.

Our long-term international partners stand for the experience, competency and reliability of the REMA TIP TOP products. For many years we have convinced our customers with efficient solutions and helped mastering their challenges. In this respect you profit from an extensive competency network.

In addition strict controls of raw materials from entry to delivery ensure top quality. A decisive lead in the market competition is guaranteed by our innovative product developments.

It is particularly important to us to meet your needs and for this reason we implement customized system solutions in the entire production process.

Like this we can promise you outstanding quality of our products and our service.


Processing Plants

REMA TIP TOP product groups such as rubber, polyurethane, anti-adhesive, ceramic and corrosion protection linings offer great protection against problems caused by wear and tear, abrasion, collision, caking, corrosion and noise in processing facilities. We have set ourselves the goal of opening up new market segments in the areas of conveying and processing technology and convincing our customers of efficient solutions with REMA TIP TOP products. Additionally, with our innovative product developments we offer valuable industrial plant a considerably longer service life.

Conveyor Belt Systems

With REMA TIP TOP quality products you solve wear and tear, corrosion, noise and caking problems on many parts of conveyor belt systems. The general operating performance of the plant is decisively improved, the belt and the equipment spared, service life, availability and efficiency are increased.

We offer you: delivery, assembly, connection and repair of conveyor belts, technical consulting on site when there are wear and tear, corrosion, noise or caking problems, maintenance service and breakdown service around the clock.

Furthermore, for all processes we offer you the appropriate adhesive and fastening systems for quick and simple application of linings, connections and repairs as well as a full range of professional tools.

Special Adhesives and Solutions

REMA TIP TOP offers you adhesives and solutions that have optimally proven themselves in the relevant hardeners and primers in all climate zones of the earth.
They are approved for use underground and comply with the strict regulations of health and safety authorities.

REMA TIP TOP adhesives and solutions serve the bonding of rubber-rubber, rubber-fabric, rubber-metal and fabric-fabric.

With these systems, repairs and endless bondings of PVC and PVG conveyor belts, repairs of soft PVC items and bondings of polyurethane products are quickly carried out.

Solutions for pre-treatment of metallic surfaces for rubber-metal bondings and reactivation and cleaning of CN white layers are equally an integral system component as are cleaning agents for the removal of oil or grease soiled surfaces and the cleaning of brushes for CHC-free adhesives as well as vulcanizing and heating solutions. The use of conveyor belt preservative agents ensures rubber surfaces are protected. The formation of cracks through ozone radiation and insolation is prevented, exposed fabric is sealed against moisture and corroded rubber surfaces are restored.

Around the world the REMA TIP TOP adhesive systems have been recognized leaders for over 30 years.

With CHC-free and aromatic-free adhesives and solutions our REMA TIP TOP brand sets standards for a high level of environmental consciousness. The use of our products extends the service life of all conveyor and processing facilities and thus makes a major contribution to global conservation of resources.

REMA TIP TOP adhesive systems have often been copied but their quality has never been equaled.

Belt Maintenance

REMA TIP TOP offers you products for the repair and bonding of conveyor belts with textile layers and steel cord belts. These assure optimum results with long service life and have longer storage times. The range offers the best products for repairs and bondings both in the cold process and in hot vulcanization.

In close cooperation with leading conveyor belt manufacturers, products and processes are constantly advanced and represent the state-of-the-art in conveyor belt technology.


With its tool program REMA TIP TOP offers you a proven complete range both for conveyor belt bonding and repair as well as the processing of wear and corrosion protection materials.

In the category Protective Clothing, Safety Equipment we offer you respirator masks, safety goggles, kneepads, work gloves and products for skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care.

Under the category Special Tools and Accessories you can find conveyor belt tensioners, winches, hoists, special tools, rubber cutters (pneumatic), the REMASTRIP equipment system for cleanly cutting steel cables, flexible shafts, grinding and rasping tools, drilling tools and abrasives, chucking tools, angle grinders, angle polish grinders, straight grinders, wheels and disks, driers and section cutters.

Corrosion Protection

We offer you high-quality systems from one source.
The outstanding reliability of REMA TIP TOP materials for corrosion protection is the result of many years of laboratory experiments and toughest practical tests that take every kind of operational demand into account. The consulting provided to your company by our specialists is also based on a comprehensive individual analysis of the specific circumstances of your plant: the surface to be protected is analyzed, process parameters, media composition, concentrations and temperatures are recorded and analyzed, disruptive factors and risks taken into consideration. This procedure means the gumming / coating of your plant resulting from it guarantees very efficient and long lasting corrosion protection.

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