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HECHT Technologie
Customized Solutions for any Kind of Bulk Solid Handling
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Über HECHT Technologie
HECHT systems fulfil multiple tasks within the in-house transfer of raw materials at the highest level. We offer various standard solutions for all process steps that can be combined in many ways and easily be adapted to different requirement profiles. The result: An almost unlimited number of special purpose machinery for custom tailored product specifications. Whether it is filling- or discharging system for drums, containers or pneumatic conveyors, dosing- or weighing vessels - Most likely we already have the ideal solution for you!

Our solutions cover the complete production process. HECHT’s experienced engineers plan your in-house raw materials supply in a sophisticated thought-out way and are in constant touch with our clients and contracting authorities. At the same time, we are able to integrate value-adding machinery like blenders into our scope of supply. All our customers can expect ready-to-use customized systems that impress through innovative spirit, quality, efficiency and safety. Ranging from the manufacture of diluents, enzyme production or manufacture of baby food: We care.


    • Filling Heads
    • Filling Heads are core components of filling stations. Either for FIBC- or small bin filling of drums or sacks, HECHT offers various filling heads for different Containment requirements. Our product range contains numerous options and features and we adjust the design to your individual task.
    • FIBC Filling Stations
    • HECHT offers four different filling stations of different designs and sizes which cover nearly all given tasks for FIBC filling processes. You can decide for the right station depending on the spacial conditions on your premises, what FIBC sizes you are handling, how many FIBCs per hour you are planning to fill or what kind of scale you will need.
    • Bin Filling Stations
    • Bin Filling Stations normally consist of various components.  Heart of every system is the filling head. Depending on the application, a filling head for individual filling of single sacks or liners can be integrated or a filling head with continuous liner can be connected.
    • FIBC Discharging
    • In principle, FIBC discharging stations consist of 4 main components:
      • Connection Systems: Connection systems are the core component for a safe FIBC discharging process. Depending on the product, operating location and Containment requirement, HECHT has developed different systems.
      • Supporting Tables: Minimize the FIBC weight and are used to secure the handling of suspended loads.
      • Frames: Are necessary for a safe mounting of the connection system and the FIBC cover. Depending on the application area, operating height and type of installation, HECHT offers many different versions.
      • Lifting Devices: In order to safely lift FIBCs and mount them for the discharging process on top of the connection system, a lifting device is essential.
    • Drum-Discharging
    • Sack Discharge Stations
    • Sack discharging stations provide a convenient and compact possibility of discharging sacks in a low-dust way. Depending on the requirements, the dust can be separated with an integrated filter with product return, or an external filter in combination with a dedusting system. The exhaust unit starts automatically when the front flap is opened. Fully contained sack discharging stations for dust-free emptying are also available.

    • SoliValve Split-Cone System
    • HECHTs SoliValve® Split-Cone System  enables a fully automatic, low contamination and contained discharging and dosing (up to OEL 10 – 100 µg/m³) of slightly hazardous products from special FIBCs with conical closure (SoliBag®).
    • FDS Dosing System
    • The FDS is a hygienic product-gentle dosing system. It is used for metering bulk solids and can be integrated in almost every filling and dosing station. The target weight can be input by an metering control unit, then the right weight is controlled with the support of an weighing unit.  When the target weight is reached the product flow is stopped. Up to the dosing unit a precision of a few grams can be reached.
    • Rotary Valve
    • The rotary feeder in easy-to-clean design from HECHT is especially used for frequent product changes. It is a dosing device for various filling stations or loading point for screening machines, particularly for food or pharmaceutical applications. The particularly easy cleaning offers an enormous advantage with frequent product changes.
    • Dosing Screw
    • HECHT dosing screw systems are particularly suitable for metering freely flowing bulk solids. In case of poor-flowing bulk solids, even feeding of the product is ensured using a discharge device. Depending on the application, volumetric or gravimetric systems can be used.
    • Dosing Valve
    • Vibrating dosing valves are a simple and efficient solution for a smooth discharging of bulk solids like powders or granulates. A smooth flow rate is generated due to the vibration and the bulk material can flow freely. Product bridges, crystalline compounds can be loosened and a correct dosing is guaranteed.
    • SoliValve Split-Cone System
    • HECHTs SoliValve® Split -Cone System  enables a fully automatic, low contamination and contained discharging and dosing (up to OEL 10 – 100 µg/m³) of slightly hazardous products from special FIBCs with conical closure (SoliBag®).
    • Single-Use Isolator (EWI)
    • Safe and contamination-free dosing, sampling, (re-)filling and weighing of small quantities of highly active or hazardous substances is only a small choice of customer specific operations that can be performed with HECHTs Single-Use Isolator (EWI).
    • Single-Use Isolator EPS
    • Whether for quality control for incoming or outgoing products, laboratory tests or further areas of quality control: HECHTs innovative Single-Use Sampling System (EPS) enables sampling of highly active or hazardous substances from small bins without extensive protection or cleaning measures.
    • Vacuum Conveyor PCC
    • With the ProClean Conveyor (PCC) HECHT developed an extremely flexible and reliable conveying system. The pneumatic device is the ideal connection of different machinery such as granulators, dryers, blenders, grinders and centrifuges.
    • Vacuum Conveyor PCC 700
    • Especially for the connection of machinery like blenders or filling stations with high production volumes, HECHT developed the ProClean Conveyor PCC 700, a further development of the HECHT vacuum conveyor for systems with high GMP- and FDA requirements of our customers.
    • Suction Shoes
    • Suction shoes act as loading stations for a pneumatic conveyer. They can be connected to a mixer, centrifuges, sack- or FIBC-discharging stations using the connection flange.
    • HECHT Screw Sampler
    • Whether for installation in silos or in downpipes – the HECHT screw sampler is the ideal solution for a representative sampling of any kind of bulk material. At individually selectable time intervals, the defined amount of product is sampled either automatically or manually by means of a hand wheel.
    • Vacuum Sampler
    • The HECHT Vacuum Sampler is ideally suited for closed and automated inline sampling of powders and granulated materials from a product column.
    • Filling Heads
    • Connection Systems
    • Continuous Liners
    • High Containment Closing System
    • Scale Compensators
    • Delumper with Screen Grater
    • Loading Gears

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