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Sesotec Product Sorting System RAYCON BULK

Edited by mhd on 25. Oct. 2023
The product sorting system RAYCON BULK is especially suited for the inspection of food bulk materials and for contaminant separation for example in the incoming goods sector of industrial bakeries or spice mills. The RAYCON BULK product sorting system detects all metals. Iron, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals. X-ray technology furthermore is especially suited for such applications where optical sorting systems reach their limits, for example because contaminants have the same colour as the good material. RAYCON BULK

All the detected contaminations are deflected from their trajectory and are separated through the reject outlet. Separation is performed by up to 20 individual flaps, or with up to 80 air-blast nozzles to keep the loss of good material at an absolute minimum.

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