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Dinnissen Vacuum Coater: How to make 80% more nutritious Pet Food

Edited by mhd on 2. Aug. 2023
The Pegasus® Vacuum Coater efficiently and carefully mixes porous base products using two rotating shafts with paddles. This reduces product damage to a minimum. Multiple liquids can be added, which are incorporated deep into the product through a vacuum. A new layer of liquid and/or powder provides a complete coating of the product. This layer can have different functions. It can contain aromas and flavors, but it can also be a preservative, protective or decorative coating. 

The vacuum coater ensures quick, highly homogeneous mixing of the base product and additives. By turning the vacuum on or off, liquids can be applied deeper or less deep into the pellet. Another advantage is the reduction of the boiling point of raw materials in a vacuum environment. This allows moisture to be extracted from specific products, fully preserving flavor, color and functional active ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, flavorings and enzymes.

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