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Air cushion convey belt Qingdao Huaxia Rubber from China

Edited by mhd on 20. Dec. 2023
In the  air-cushion conveyor, the material carrying belt is supported by a layer of air flowing between the belt itself and the pan group. There are rows of holes on the pan, and installed fans provide pressure air. Then air flows up through the holes, air pressure finds the best balance point to support the belt and conveyed material. The air-cushion conveyor is without rollers or steel works like normal conveyors, but only with steel pans.

HUAXIA use the new ST500(HHE) and  ST3500(HHE) as air-cushion conveying belts. For a long time, EP/NN fabric belt was used as air cushion conveyor belt, but the EP/NN belt life and unit weight is a bottle-neck, especially the high cost of nylon material As a request, HUAXIA designed 1800 mm width, HHE3500 steel cord air-cushion conveying belt which improves the capacity by 30% and provides good troughing ability. Customer can save 10% of belt cost.

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