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SWR Engineering: Exhaust Gas Cleaning in Waste Incineration – Mass Flow Measurement with SolidFlow 2.0

Edited by mhd on 16. Nov. 2017
Schliengen, Germany

While flowing through the catalyst, sulfur dioxide (SO2) is isolated from the exhaust gas. After the cleaning process the remaining pollutant content mustn’t exceed a defined value. Therefore the exhaust air is controlled constantly. Depending on the pollutant content the amount of the admixed HFC should be regulated automatically.

Process Data
  • Customer: Waste incineration plant
  • Product: Hearth furnace coke
  • Volume: 300 - 400 kg/h
  • Installation location: Freefall between screw conveyor and injector
  • Function: Contactless measuring in freefall

The SolidFlow 2.0 measures a continuous mass flow up to 20 t/h in freefall and in pneumatic conveying.In the described application the dosage of HFC into the exhaust air stream should take place automatically and depend on the remaining pollutant concentration. The measuring of the exhaust gas values after the separation process defines the amount of HFC, which has to be admixed to the separator and therefore represents the command value. The installed SolidFlow 2.0 measures the amount of HFC dosed by a screw conveyor and regulates its speed control. After the freefall the HFC enters an injector, where it is transported by an airstream to the filter.

Customer Benefit
  • Easy process control in exhaust gas cleaning
  • Avoidance of under- and overdosing
  • No installations in the material stream

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