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Shanghai IVA Invented a New Type of Classifier

Edited by mhd on 10. Jul. 2017
In cooperation with a German specialist, Shanghai IVA has invented a new type of classifier which has neither rotor nor motor. It is specially designed for classification of hard materials and working under high temperature conditions, such as classifying pure quartz, metal powder, carbon black ...etc.

Detailed descriptionThe SSC type of classifiers is newly developed and based on the principle of free vortex flow. As its name indicates, there are no rotating parts. Therefore, it is easy to be equipped for wear protection to achieve iron-free product. Additionally, it adapts to special requirements and can operate with hot gas or cooling air.Its optimized spiral flow in combination with an efficient rinsing and quick discharge of the coarse particles guarantees a fine product free of oversize particles and a clean coarse fraction as well. The SSC classifier can achieve a sharpness of cut point nearly as good as a much more expansive dynamic classifier.The product is fed airborne, This allows an inline production with a mill or a dynamic classifier, i.e. to perform a two-stage classification. The airborne principle enables a closed air circulation. For fines collection a cyclone is sufficient, filters are not necessary.Two simple possibilities of adjustment in combination with a quick change of one or two parts enable the classification to cover a wide range of cut points.According to the above mentioned advantages the SSC classifiers are suitable for a very wide field of applications. It is predestined forProduct Applications:abrasives (i.e. pure quartz, feldspar ...etc.)food (especially with high content of fat)metal effect pigments (“flakes”, must be carefully handled)high temperature material (carbon black, chemicals)Process ApplicationsDedusting (to eliminate the ultrafines from the end product)scalping (to separate a small amount of very large particles from the end product)pre-classification (to optimize the main classification process by rejecting either fines or coarse particles)Technical data:

type 200 315 400 560 630 800 1000
diameter mm 200 315 400 560 630 800 1000
air flow m³/h 250 - 330 600- 800 900 - 1400 2000- 3000 2500- 3000 4500- 6000 7000- 9000
cut point* [µ] 5 - 60 6 – 80 7 - 90 8 - 100 9 - 100 10 - 120 10 - 120
feed rate ** kg/h 20 - 200 50 - 500 6 - 600 100 - 1000 150 - 1500 200 - 2500 400 - 3500

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