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motan-colortronic: Stock Chillers with no Frills

Edited by mhd on 26. Nov. 2020
Friedrichsdorf, Germany In direct response to increased market requests, Motan Colortronic Limited have increased stock holdings of standard, stand-alone Reglochill chiller units. The RC models from 4-40kW, designed to fulfil basic cooling requirements while offering maximum performance and low energy consumption, are filled with high quality components to ensure long, trouble free use.
IESG system chiller.

The control is easy to use and new stock levels carried at our 2 acre Chesterfield facility allows us to respond to the complete needs of our Customer, where fluid chilling and heating are required” states Karl Miller of Motan Colortronic Limited.

These smaller stand-alone chillers are complemented by the medium to large size Reglochill DCW airblast chiller and the unique IESG integrated chiller systems with free cooling and without glycol with typical sizes of 60-1,500 kW.

RC2E stand-alone chiller.

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