Hybrid Corrosion Protection Coating for Baghouse, Ducts, ESP, Stacks

Posted in: , on 9. May. 2003 - 03:09

I recently reviewed email exchange discussion on corrosion issues in baghouse environment within different industry on this forum. This is a very costly and time consuming issues facing many major industries in maintenance and shut down time.

I would like to introduce a hybrid inorganic-organic coating technology specifically designed for harsh conditions as found in cement baghouse, ESP, ducts, stacks etc. Product is resistant to ~450F, concentrated acids, excellent abrasion and provides protections from undercut corrosion due to chemical bonding with steel. This is a unique product with tremendous benefits in saving cost, maintenance time and shut downs due to corrosion.

If anyone is interested to learn more about the product and applicability in your specific area please feel free to contact me directly.

I can be reached via email at ssg94539@yahoo.com

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