Alternatives to Large Flopgates?

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I am looking for an alternative to a large Flopgate to work in the Canadian Oilsand Industry. My understanding is that Flopgates in similar situations have not been that successful, probably because of the huge chute sizes that have to be designed to deal with very large equipment.

The situation is ...Oversize material up to 450 mm coming off a 4 Metre wide Vibrating Screen will either feed a Secondary Crusher circuit or be fed down an Overboarding Chute to pile outside of building. I'm wondering if a pneumatically controlled piece of chute can be rolled into place to temporarily divert material outside, but it has to work very quickly and basically seal chutework so that maintenance etc. could be done on Secondary Crusher below.

Any suggestions?

Re: Alternatives To Large Flopgates?

Posted on 13. Aug. 2012 - 06:44

Your best option would be a bucket style diverter chute. Especially where you want to be able to work below the chute (not that I would recommend that while in operation - very risky in my opinion). If speed of operation is a concern - I would go with hydraulics rather than air operated. An accumulator could easily be incorporated to provide a fail safe position for the chute in the event of a power interuption.

I can design this chute for you or simulate someone else's design. This simulation will show you how the product will flow through the chute to both locations. Simulations can easily identify possible problems with a design before it is built. (basilcally it is a virtual prototype)

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Please consider moving the crusher out of the way. A secondary crusher, marginally secondary in your case, will be lighter than the lined chute: require less, almost zero, additional headroom and be completely safe. If you are already prepared to roll a monstrous mess of platework about you can just as easily roll a secondary crusher about. And at a lower level and on shorter tracks even. Or what?