Steel Cord Pipe Conveyor Belt

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As I understand, the dynamic stability of the weft members is crucial for retaining a pipe formation in the belts, particularly at curves.

In a steel cord belt therefore, a weft member needs to be introduced to permit a pipe profile. Apparently this is done by introducing a textile weft member.

Is this done by a breaker-like weave ? A fabric layer with weft AND warp ?

I feel that in a steel cord pipe belt, if there is a warp fabric member, then the system tension would cause it to elongate and thereby distort the weft members. Would this not be detrimental to the belt retaining the pipe profile under such high tension applications that demands use of a steel cord reinforcement ?

If this is correct then is it necessary to have ONLY weft members ? WITHOUT a warp 'interconnection' ?

Am I correct ?

Looking forward to some clarity here.


Re: Steel Cord Pipe Conveyor Belt

Posted on 12. Sep. 2003 - 05:00

Dear Kayem,

Contact KOCH for this information. They are among the leaders in Pipe Belt design work. You can also get valuable information from the major steel cord belt manufacturers (Conti group, Goodyear, Unipoly group, etc.)


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Re: Steel Cord Pipe Conveyor Belt

Posted on 29. Oct. 2003 - 07:43

Dear Mr Kayem,

As you may know we did extensive testing work on belt selection for the Indo Gulf Copper Smelter Project in India.

This was an St 1000 belt formed into a 450mm pipe negotiating a 90 deg radius at the head end, (high tension side).

The conveyor itself was 3200m crs. We did not install an additional weft member in that instance, however there are times when it should be considered.

There are few steel cord installations in the world prompting me to suggest that there are no hard and fast rules for belt construction selection for each application.

I would rather suggest that the procedure adopted by us for the Indo Gulf Copper Smelter project or something similar be considered when you select the required belt.

A paper was published on this subject, please go to the following URL for a copy. Gulf Copper/Indo Gulf copper.htm


Phil Staples