Spoon inside feed chute

Posted in: , on 27. Mar. 2007 - 07:28

Dear all

I was wondering if anyone has experiences with spoon inside feed chutes for transferring the flow of material to another conveyor.

My main questions are:

1) Are spoons vertically and horizontally adjustable? If so, how is this done? (lugs and adjustment rods?)

2) How are spoons usually fastened to the feed chute?

3) Does anyone have a generic detailed dwg of a spoon inside a feed chute that they could show me?

thanks in advance!

Re: Spoon Inside Feed Chute

Posted on 28. Mar. 2007 - 02:17

Question 1: yes -- special guildes and other devices

Question 2: spoons come in different flavors depending on designer - some attach to chute with pivot (flange bearings et al) and actuator ( air or hydraulic or worm drive or other motor device) - some have two positions and some have many - some have no adjustments with chute and spoon to be integrated

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