Picking Idler Transition Distance

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I'm designing a belt conveyor and the customer wants to use only picking idlers. Is there a rule of thumb for the transition distance from the end of the run to the transitions idler. i'm not using a troughing idler. I feel if there's a lot of distance in my transition, i'll lose some of the material.

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Joe Kulik

Re: Picking Idler Transition Distance

Posted on 23. Mar. 2007 - 07:08

Dear Mr. Joe Kulik

There is a specific calculation procedure to decide the transition distance. Such calculation is based on two conditions viz. Belt edges should not get over-stretched (overstressed) and / or the belt central portion should not tend to buckle. The transition distance depends upon the tension in the belt at that location and carcass particulars. The transition distance would be comparatively large if belt tension load is very low or very high. For a belt under moderate tension with respect to the carcass rating, will have minimum transition distance. The transition distance can be also reduced to a certain extent by raising the terminal pulley level, with respect to general level of the belt at that location.

In case of picking type of idlers, the transition distance happens to be quite small compared to 3-equal roll troughing idlers. It is very difficult to make any statement about the specific value, but if you calculate you may find that this value happens to be half or even less than the value for 3-equal roll troughing idlers.


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Re: Picking Idler Transition Distance

Posted on 24. Mar. 2007 - 11:47

Dear Mr. Kulik

Normally we are preferring to use the picking idlers instead all plane idlers, in order to avoid material loosings.

By the picking idlers we use, the side rollers are inclined at 10 degrees with the horizontal.

We don´t use transition idlers in such conveyors at all, due the small angles and small lenght of the side rollers.

But as Mr. Mulani wrote, the transition distance should be respected, and this distance will be surely smaller in these cases, comparing to the so called "normal' configurations.


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