Percentage proportion on conveyor system

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Dear Sirs,

Is there any standard or guidelines for percentage of work share in conveyor system /projects. In normal practice the percentage of work share we assume as followsThough it varies case to case)

Design and engineering approx 6-8%%, Material cost 60-65%, Conversion 10-20%, Installation - 10-24%

Thank you in advance.


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Belt Conveyor Monitoring

Re: Percentage Proportion On Conveyor System

Posted on 14. May. 2003 - 05:27

Dear Mr. Subra,

I do not believe it is possible to arrive at a cost breakdown formula that is suitable for all conveyors, as there are too many variables. For example, the design cost for a simple relatively short troughed conveyor will be similar (possibly higher) to that for an overland conveyor -- and the material cost percentage and installation cost percentage will be higher for the overland system. Thus the design cost percentage for the overland system will be substantially lower than that for the short system. Likewise, two otherwise identical systems, except for a low cost belt versus a specialty carcass/cover belt will have dramatically different material cost percentages.

Also, would you clarify what goes into your "conversion" cost category?


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Re: Percentage Proportion On Conveyor System

Posted on 14. May. 2003 - 10:26

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your reply.

The conversion cost i mean is for fabrication / manufacture cost



Idler Roller Replacement

Posted on 25. Dec. 2014 - 12:00

Dear Sirs,

I'm looking for information about idler roller replacement. What is the total yearly idlers replacement percentage of your company or bulk plant?

The replacement is based on the condition or planning?

Thank in advance,


Victor Souza

Mechanical Engineer


Vitria-ES, Brazil

Start Again Please

Posted on 26. Dec. 2014 - 03:13
Quote Originally Posted by Victor SouzaView Post
.....The replacement is based on the condition or planning?.....

What's the difference? Conditions should match stockholding.

If some firms give you this information they are exposing themselves to marketeering and review.

Eg. nickel miners in New Caledonia go through rollers and belts so fast it is difficult to imagine how even the Chinese manufacturers can maintain supply. If the French parent companies were aware, perhaps they are now, there would be some very serious questions asked internally.

Also examine your installation cost. Hacking out jungle and bridging rivers to push an overland through will take up most of the project CAPEX. In reality it is your CAPEX. On most overland conveyors the Civil people rule the roost, closely followed by Electrics, and rightly so. Accept what they say, design your mechanicals to suit and walk away. Replacement idler cost is insignificant. Even life cycle costing is a waste of time. Buy cheap or expensive it hardly matters when you can sell off the stored unused rollers at a higher price than you paid for them 5 years ago. That's life and there's always an easy solution.

John Gateley