One-way idlers

Posted in: , on 19. Aug. 2002 - 10:21

There have been requests in the South African market for the supply of one-directional conveyor idlers for use on incline belts. The 'need' is to prevent the trough belt from moving down the incline in the event of hold-back failure or in the event of a belt break. This can be achieved, and designs are available, by utilising either a way bearing in the idler roller or by creating individual holdbacks located either internally or externally to the idler roller. My concern is mainly related to attempting to restrain the belt in a broken condition. Will the belt 'concertina' between idlers or will it simply slide over the surface of the restarined idlers?

Has there been any documented testing done on this?

Does anyone have hans on experiences that they can discuss and describe?

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