Conveyor Belt for Earth Moving

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Conveyor belt for earth moving in highway construction

Dear All,

My name is Eugen Hoancea and I represent Quasar group of companies from Deva/Romania. We have a important construction company and we are very active in this market in Romania.

In this moment, will start the construction work for a important highway.... Because in our area the level of the road level is much above of the natural ground level and important quantity of land need to be moved here (we discuss about milions cubic meters)... I think about conveyor belt transport system for this earth.....

Of course, now, I not know if this idea is feasible and I want to develop this discussion.... At request I have the possibility to send all necessary technical informations (highway route, places of available land, etc....)....

Thank you!

Re: Conveyor Belt For Earth Moving

Posted on 23. Mar. 2011 - 02:02

Hi Eugen,

Please forward the necessary technical information on which the suggestions and opinions will be based.