CEMA Updates Book on "Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials"

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Posted in: , on 3. Feb. 2003 - 19:00

The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association, CEMA, is updating the book "Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials".

The Committee working on the project has determined that there are some topics that will require outside resources to adequately update and is seeking that expertise from all available sources.

The Committee has developed several Scope of Work documents covering these topics and is seeking budgetary estimates for the work so that it can request authorization for the funds from the CEMA Board of Directors to have the work done.

Please visit: <http://www.cemanet.org/bbsow/beltbookrfq.htm>http://www.cemanet.org/bbsow/beltbookrfq.htm to down load the Scope of Work documents.

If you are interested in providing budgetary estimate for any one or all of the topics and being added to the bid list, please provide your replies to CEMA by Mail, E-Mail, or Fax by February 15, 2003.

Phil Hannigan

CEMA Executive Secretary

Tel: 239-514-3441 Ext. 12

Fax: 239-514-3470

E-mail: phil@cemanet.org

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