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Posted on 30. Oct. 2006 - 12:13

The system you refer to uses an induced magnetic flux to detect abnomalies in the condition of the steel reinforcing cables. It is used to detect broken cables, cable corrosion and movement in the splices of steel cord conveyor belts and has been used for many years. The original system was devloped by Alex Harrison when he worked for the CSIRO ( an Australian Government research organisation) and was licensed to Conveyor Belt Monitoring. The original patenst have expired and there are now copies (the company you refer to) but if you want to talk to CBM call Paul Spiteri on +61407699810 or email him

Col Benjamin

Gulf Conveyor Systems P/L

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Posted on 30. Oct. 2006 - 02:53

We found in one of the steel cord belt joints, that the splicer has cut 1/3rd cords [probably tie gum had more width]. To check another similar belt, we took an X-ray by equipment used for taking weld joint x-ray. We could again see the cords which have been cut. This was effective where there was sufficient gap between two ends.

But this method does not show cracs etc. on the cords

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Posted on 31. Oct. 2006 - 11:38

I believe the C.A.T. refers to Larry Kuzik's patented design and used by Canada Conveyor Belt / Conveyor Belt Technology. His office phone number is Area code for Canada 604-530-1234.

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Posted on 31. Oct. 2006 - 06:18

The Kuzik design cable and wire scanner can do much more than the Harrison copies and has a different magnetic reading concept.

1. It sees every cable and wire within the cable depending on the degree of sensitivity desired by the investigator.

2. Since it can see and annunciate every cable, the true splice pattern can be read, unlike the Harrison method. No offense to Alex.

3. S.A.T employs a Doppler effect to see the cable breaks or wire breaks within a cable as it approaches the sensor and as it leaves it.

See the reports and patent details by contacting Canada Conveyor Belt in Surrey, B.C., Canada.

Lawrence Nordell Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. website, email & phone contacts: phone: USA 360-671-2200 fax: USA 360-671-8450

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Posted on 31. Oct. 2006 - 06:39

You can read more about it on Kuzik's website including the MDR with the below contact.

He has scan many hundreds of belts. He wrote about it in BSH, according to my memory. I tried to do a search in BSH, but it did not come up.

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Scanning/Inspecting Sc Conveyor Belts

Posted on 9. Dec. 2006 - 08:04

The Belt CAT scanning system from CCB/CBT is the only 3-D SC conveyor belt inspection system available and deployed worldwide. As LN has mentioned previously on this forum, it is the only system that is able to discern individual cable faults and anomalies (and it is in no way a copy of the Australian CBM technology developed many years ago, i.e., it does not utilize magnetic induction, again, no offense meant to Dr. Harrison!)

We are currently developing the next generation Belt CAT V SC scanning system, which will provide for even more detailed SC carcass analysis (in real time no less) and expect to deploy the same early in the new year (i.e., 2007.)

Dieter Wolfgang Blum

Principal Researcher

Conveyor Belt Technologies Inc.

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Dieter W. Blum - The QTI Group

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Posted on 9. Dec. 2006 - 11:58

what is expansion of belt C.A.T MDR system

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Posted on 9. Dec. 2006 - 02:53

Please be more concise. What do you mean by the term: "what is expansion"?

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Posted on 12. Dec. 2006 - 05:25


As with other replies to your post.

rEscan International are able to provide the latest systems and services for non destructive testing of steel cord belting and steel cord splices as well as condition monitoring systems for fabric, ply and solid woven belting. These systems are able to be fitted anywhere in the world with monitoring and inspection programs developed to suit your maintenance requirements.

These systems include an ability for continuous monitoring of splices for cord damage and elongation (bond failure/stress) and continuous monitoring of steel cord condition (cord/strand damage) as well as a rip detection option all from the one system.

I would be pleased to send you further information on these systems and services as required.

Please forward your postal address or email to

Kind regards,


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Posted on 13. Dec. 2006 - 09:15

We've utilised the magnetic flux system with great success for many years in South Africa in various industries and specifically on power plants. The system was originally purchased from Prof. Alex Harrison and later upgraded to utilise permanent magnets. Consequently Eskom has undertaken research to solve the issue of codition monitoring of fabric reinforced conveyor belts. We've subsequently developed a Digital X-ray (Dixi) system that can also be utilised on steelcord reinforced conveyor belts with great success.


Henk Fourie

Eskom Holdings (Pty) Ltd

South Africa

Re: C.a.t

Posted on 16. Mar. 2007 - 07:47

Intron Plus, produces instruments for non-destructive inspection steel-cord conveyor belts as well as offer non-destructive inspections and a complete examination of industrial safety technical instruments.

The INTROCON flaw detector for steel-rubber conveyor belt testing was developed in 2004.

Eddy-current instrument INTROCON non-destructively detects broken and missing cords, pitting corrosion and splice integrity of steel-cord conveyor belts, measures the gap between broken cords in the splices.

It applications cover a wide range of belt width used even in explosive enviroment.

We are at your disposal for any further information you may require

Esteban Melgar

Intron Plus Ltd.

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Fax +7(495)510-1769

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Posted on 6. Aug. 2010 - 08:53
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can somebody give me some information about "sanning steel cord conveyor belts with the BELT C.A.T MDR system "?

Best regards


Hi Afsaneh,

Did you get the help you need with scanning

Michael Murace

CBM Conveyor Belt Monitoring

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