Stockpile height

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Dear Friends,

In a powerstation in India,we want to build a stockpile for coal of (-)20mm size with the help of stacker reclaimer.Due to space restriction,stockpile height of 12M becomes a necessity.In our earlier plants,we have gone upto 9M height.Bulldozers need to move over the pile for compacting.Therefore,raising the stockpile height by further 3 Meters from our earlier projects makes me apprehensive.

Can anybody share his experience with 12 M or higher stockpile.If this can be done,what precaution I should take?

Re: Stockpile Height

Posted on 6. Aug. 2007 - 07:07

Dear Mallick, The maximum you can take 10.6 m above top of rail of stacker/reclaimer.If ,you have space problem then the best layout/combination shall be three rows of 40-70-40 and one no. of stacker/reclaimer in each row depends upon the capacity of your stockpile.If you need we can send you the CAD layout for the same.


Coal Stockpile Hight

Posted on 6. Aug. 2007 - 01:12

The maximum height will depend on quality of coal (% of volatiles) and duration of coal remaining in the stockpile. If coal is going to be used within a month of its receipt at plant site, you can increase the stockpile height from present 9.5 m to 12 m. I am assuming that this is a new project or yor existing stacker reclaimer equipment can make a pile of 12 m high.

Tou can make a trapizoidal pit 3 m deep by the side of stacker-reclaimer rails to get additional storage with reach of existing stacker.

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Coal Stock Pile Height

Posted on 20. Feb. 2008 - 06:23

Dear MR. Diptas,

You can go for 12M pile height.I can give you some reference.

1.Specific power & light co., USA.... having 16M coal pile height.

2.Northan energy PPL, USA having 16M pile.

3.Lohburg, Germany... having 15M pile height.

4.In spain it is 18M.