Stacker And Reclaimer

Posted on 11. Jun. 2004 - 09:54

[Stacker and Reclaimer machines with capacities of bigger than 1500 tons per hour

Constructor is the Hyundai Corp. South Korea..

Contact and professional maintenance is required ...

pls. contact

Dr. Hayri Ergun

Stacker-Reclaimer (St/Re)

Posted on 1. Jul. 2004 - 09:02

An Automatic Lubrication System

Our Stacker Reclaimer is built by the Co. Hyundai;

we don't have any contact to this bulk materials handling companies related departments in respect to automatic lubrication: the automatic lubrication built by Hyundai is out of order since the erection and makes big operation problems related to personal and maintenance as well as operation.

If some body has experience with stacker reclaimers of this company or the authorities of the Hyundai Company would kindly tell me their Philosophy of errection of such an automatic lubrication system, I would be very glad.