Portal Reclaimer Control System

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Posted in: , on 4. Mar. 2008 - 00:24

I have been asked to offer a bid to rewrite the PLC software for an full pivoting AMECO scraper portal reclaimer at a power plant nearby.

The currrent program I believe was originally a PLC-5 then converted to Logix 5000.

According to the customer, the program was changed and rechanged without any real knowledge of how the thing should work and has never worked correctly.

If I could get my hands on an original version program for the machine or even one for a similar machine, it would help.

Barring that, any information on controls, formulae, or sequencing of this type machine would be helpful.

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Posted on 4. Sep. 2008 - 06:28

Dear sir,

We are a reputed control system specialist for stacker reclaimer in India. We have installed and commissioned many of them in India and in abroad.

Please let us know your requirement, so that we can take effort to solve this problem.

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