Screw conveyor - Details needed

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We need your assistance for the below points.

Drawing details:

Screw conveyor Length : 7500 mm, Pitch 300mm , Screw Dia: 300 mm,Flight thickness : 3 mm,Capacity :11tons/hr M.O.C: Mild steel

1. What should be the shaft diameter to be selected to have a pitch of 300mm.

2. What should be the bore to be made on the flights to have a pitch of 300mm.

3. In the drawing they have given the screw dia as 300 mm.Is it the final screw dia after swirling or srew dia before swirling.

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Re: Screw Conveyor - Details Needed

Posted on 11. Feb. 2008 - 10:31

In screw conveyors

the length is normally defined as EITHER:

the dimension between the end plates OR

the dimension between the centrelines of the inlet and outlet

the size of the screw conveyor is normally defined as:

the outside diameter of the finished scroll

the tube on which the finished scroll is mounted is according to the application and manufacturers standards.

If you are making a scroll by cutting sections from flat plate then this is simple geometry based on FINISHED outside diameter, inside diameter and pitch. (Forming into the correct shape is another matter!!)