Which Crusher is Suitable ?

Posted in: , on 25. Feb. 2008 - 09:06

Some Years ago my partner in Italy found a new type of cone-crusher for crushing in an area 1:15 (or more)

This phantastic crushing is the result of some hudge bearings in the area where you find odinary bronce woith oil on the shaft.

The quantity of crushing is variable between 60 t/h to 100 t/h. You crush on the smal crusher material with size 32 Ø up to 80(100)Ø mm into 0-11 (to crush into bigger material it is no problem because you have a perfect eletronic panel to open the cone in all positions of work.)

The bigger mashine will take feed up to 160mm (200mm) and has a maximum crush down to 15mm ca. 60 qm/h

I don't know the abrasivity of your dolomit, but in jordania 5 of this maschines work work in one quary and crush perfect all material very cheep, because a cone-crusher is the best mashine, if you have abrasive material.

Y.S. Peter Blaha foerderschuettgut@arcor.

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