Re: Symmetry In Sag Mill/Ball Mill

Posted on 17. Dec. 2007 - 07:24

Could you be a little more detailed or explain in another way your question. What do you mean by mirrored?

Ball & SAG mills have inflow (feed) and outflow (grate and pan lifters at discharge) ends. Obviously, these cannot be mirrored.

Are you trying to design a mill? Don't do it. You will not obtain the rewards without a great deal of knowledge on granular dynamics, breakage, wear, grind efficiency and what affects if, et al. Most metalurgist do not understand the nuances of mill design to begin with.

We have a strong expertise in mill design and can increase throughput on the order of 6% with a new belly lifter concept. It increases the grind on the finer particle sets.

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Re: Symmetry In Sag Mill/Ball Mill

Posted on 19. Dec. 2007 - 11:48

Some recent mill specifications I've had the pleasure of reviewing call for the ring gear pinion shaft to be reversible for wear balance. This implies that the general drive layout might be able to accommodate mirrored layouts. You would have to check with the individual supplier.

One problem might be the main motors; if the cooling fan is not bi-directional & many aren't.

Lube oil cooling, replacement liner handling & ball feed systems can easily suit mirrored imaging.

We do it all the time; its one of the more interesting aspects of the job.

John Gateley