Micronizing Minerals

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We are currently mining and pulverizing chalk upto 300 mesh. We are planning to expand our business to other calcium carbonate minerals and also want to micronize these minerals upto 10-20 mincrons.

Our products to be micronized will be dolomite, calcite, marble, talc, chalk, etc.

Can you please suggest me the machineries which can meet my requriements.

Our required output is around 2 MT per hour. Input will be crushed by jaw crusher and roll crusher.

It should also be taken into cosndieration that the power requirement is kept less than 100 kw.

Please suggest me the most economical and suitable process for the same.


Naeem Merchant

Re: Micronizing Minerals

Posted on 12. May. 2009 - 03:38

Dear Naeem,

We manufacture size reduction equipment to pulverize and classify these materials to well-defined particle size specifications; down to the D50 = 10 micron range. The Air-Swept Classifier Mill, in particular, is considered by many size reduction specialists to be the most energy efficient “single-stage” size reduction system available for producing powders from materials <5 Mohs Hardness - providing high product output at the narrowest narrow particle size distribution using the least energy in a single pass.

We provide technical consultation in size reduction and particle size distribution control, preliminary proposals, laboratory testing and scale-up to the final engineering proposal. Please visit our website at www.cms-can.com.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone to discuss.

Re: Your Request For Micronizing Minerals

Posted on 14. May. 2009 - 03:24

Dear Mr. Merchant,

We are a Finnish SME, focusing mostly on micronizing hard abrasive minerals,

Our Activator continuous mill results silica sand P50=20 microns WITHOUT classification at overall power consumption of 20 kW/ton

Cement or clinker results P50=13 microns Without classification

power consumption 18 kW/ton

Up scaled models of 5 ton/hour capacity

With a classifier we can provide D97=15 microns and P50=7 microns

If you need further info please contact me at:


Ezry Akkerman

Re: Micronizing Minerals

Posted on 18. May. 2009 - 09:06

Please, visit www.anivi.com and if you are interested contact us


Luis Fernando Diego Export Manager ANIVI INGENIERIA Ball mills, classifyers, dryers, rotary kilns, fans, filters.....