Stress fields in hopper

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Dear all:

I am pretty interested in the stress fields in hoppers. I have read a lot about initial and flow stress fields. I already solved the differential equation for the initial stress fields (this solution involves a parameter that depends on the compressibility of the material). On the other hand, I know that for the flow case, it is necessary to use the Second Newton's Law to Enstad elements.

Can someone tell me where can I get information about it?

Re: Stress Fields In Hopper

Posted on 7. Oct. 2007 - 04:58

Hi Andrs,

1 - Try Prof Anatoly Katalymov or S.G. Ponomarenco, Professor at Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering.

2 - T Anthony Royal - Jenike Johannsen - USA

3 - Peter Wypich - University of Woolongong

Regards - Sgt John.Rz