How to eliminate material build up, ratholing, bridging etc within silos & hoppers

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Acoustic Cleaners provide a very powerful, economical and automatic means of ensuring material flow from silos and hoppers whilst also preventing material build up, ratholing and bridging. Our company have an excellent success rate in preventing these ever constant 'nightmares' from occuring in silos ranging incapacity from 1,000 kg to 15,000 tonnes and in a wide range of industries such as cement, gypsum, wood, chemicals etc.via the installation of one of our range of Audiosonic Acoustic Cleaners.

A few second periodic 'sounding' is all that is required. The sound waves are produced when normal plant compressed air enters the Wave Generator and forced the only moving part, a titanium diaphram to oscillate which produced the 'base tone'. Then the different bell sections converys this into a range of fundemental frequencies from 60 - 350 Hz for the various applications.

Our Audiosonic Acoustic Cleaners have been successfully employed on hoppers, silos, ID fans, boilers, cyclones, filters, mills, mixers, electro-filters [ESPs], economisers, air heaters, ductwork and many other specialist plant areas.

I have written what I trust is an interesting and informative paper on the Theory & Applications of Audiosonic Acoustic Cleaners which appeared in the 4/2001 issue of Power Handling & processing Journal [see],see attached zip file. Or have a look on our web site at or if you would personally like to discuss a particular problem, please telephone me on +441768866648.

Re: How To Eliminate Material Build Up, Ratholing, Bridging Etc…

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In addition to Acoustics Cleaners there are many other devices to solve the problems that you have mentioned. But the best way would be to design a bin or silo that does not have these problems in the first place.

Will be glad to help you.


Amrit Agarwal (Tim)

Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

Elimination Of Material Build-Up In Bin/Bunker

Posted on 28. Dec. 2004 - 06:30

Dear Mr.Donald,

The following steps to be followed:

1. Use air cannon at cylindrical portion as well as conical portion. You should run the air cannon every day. It is not that we will run the air cannon wnen you have problem.

2. Design the bin/bunker as mass flow.

You may go through the books as given below.

A. Weighing & proportioning ....By H.Collins

B. Structural Bin desugn......By Gaylord & gaylord

C. Bins & bunkers..........By Rothe

We often face problem of type as stated by you & get good result by designing as mass flow & using air blaster.



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Acoustic Cleaners For Silos & Hoppers

Posted on 28. Dec. 2004 - 10:12

Dear Mr.Donald,

Can we use these Acoustic cleaners for tranasfer chutes in Material Handling Systems to avoid build up of fines?

Typically the cross section of chute will be 800 mm x 800 mm.


Acoustic Cleaner In Chute

Posted on 29. Dec. 2004 - 05:10

Dear Rekhawar,

We haved used air blaster in chutes in coal circuit in VIZAC STEEL.But you have to run the blaster every day.



Re: How To Eliminate Material Build Up, Ratholing, Bridging Etc…

Posted on 23. Aug. 2005 - 02:29

dear Mr. Steve,

can this accoustic stuff be used on rotary stuff. we have a problem with our air knockers installed on our driers that keeping either damaging the drier shell or going out of service often resulting in the powder accumulating and blocking the tubes.

the drier is in terephthalic acid service.

C. Mohandas Rao