Hopper Isolation

Matt Stak
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Posted in: , on 22. Dec. 2007 - 09:40

Anyone have any experience with clam shell isolation gates for long chisel slot hoppers? I'm thinking large, i.e. 2m wide x 6 m long. Material F100 = 50 mm and F80 = 25 mm. I've seen flat isolation gates, but for this size, many people have doubts. I know of several operation using clam shell isolation gates for smaller hopper outlets, but I'm wondering whether anybody knows of ones this size, who makes them and most importantly if they have been succesful in operation. I'm trying to steer away from spile bars as they are too labour intensive.

Re: Hopper Isolation

Posted on 22. Dec. 2007 - 12:42

Bigger than I've ever come across.

What is under the gates??

Re: Hopper Isolation

Posted on 23. Dec. 2007 - 01:41

With those gate & lump dimensions you can forget about flow control with clamshell, or any other, gates. If its just isolation then you could consider a trio of knife gates.

All these devices are cumbersome & energy intensive.

Very large clamshells are sometimes used in rapid truck loading situations where the discharge precision is assisted by the presence of a similar pair of gates.

As asked before; what is the receiver?

Clamshells leak: don't take my word for it: look at the bitumen joyfully dribbling out at any asphalt batching plant.

If you need a low wear, ultra robust, compact & low power discharge gate I could discuss the matter in the Melbourne or Durty Nellie's sometime in the New Year.

John Gateley johngateley@hotmail.com www.the-credible-bulk.com