Screening Damp or Wet Leaf Compost

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had an interesting screening demo this summer:

Customer had (2) 7' diameter x 33' long triaxle TROMMEL PORTABLES.....each would do max capacity of 75 yards per hour per customer comments.

Asked if we could screen on one machine 150 yards per hour of same. We demoed a 5'wide x 12' long 2 deck 12 degree FIXED incline CIRCLE throw vibrating screen.

We accomplished the following:

1. COMPLETELY PLUGGED THE FEED HOPPER, a flat wide belt feeder setup on first dump into the HOPPER. So a digging we did go.

2. After emptying same, we ADJUSTED speed on the belt feeder in hopper, dumped with loader from side, and PLUGGED in 2.5 seconds.....hmmmmm NOT FUN.

3. It was determined the NATURAL ANGLE OF REPOSE of this damp to wet NON FREE FLOWING material was almost 70 degrees....a lot more than angle in the hopper walls. So, basically the belt would take the material it had actually ON IT, up to the screener and leave the rest of the material HUNG UP clinging to the walls on the back and sides of the HOPPER ITSELF.

4. aFTER a few phone calls to the factory for imput on this TYPE OF MATERIAL...we solved the problem.

5. We had to educate the loader operator, to FEED about 3 feet up from end of the hopper, and then DIRECTLY INTO THE CENTRE OF THE HOPPER soon as we did this.......207 yards per hour in one hour and 15 minutes of operating.

6. If we could get the material up to the SCREENER BOX, WE COULD SCREEN IT NO


Interesting learning curve as usual .........Hoping this helps someone somewhere somehow someday.

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