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Dear All,

I am using a freidrich make exciter to drive one of my 10 x 20 feet single deck horizontal screen.

The exciter has three bores for additional masses n i find them a little too ineffective using steel plugs in them.

Can the steel plugs be replaced with lead plugs and the amplitude of the screen increased??

I came to know from my supplier that lead has a BD of 11.5kg

but he also added that the metal is very soft and disintegrates easlity even under slightly hot temperature.

Do manufacturers like metso and Schenk use a special lead alloy.

or is it pure lead metal

Plug Weights

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SANDEEP: the plug weights you use should be same config or design to STAY put in the HOLES. The weight of the new alloy should be the same as the original alloy supplied.

If you increase the weights of those plugs, you will cause a more aggressive stroke to occur and COULD operate at higher G factor or accelerating force and crack the sideplates out.

TKS George

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Re: Important

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You shall use an alloy of lead with copper. Total unbalanced force for your rpm shall be not greater than the maximum force specified by the manufacturer. By using higher unbalanced moment you will get longer stroke and the same "g" force at lower rpm than rpm specified by manufacturer for steel inserts

Ziggy Gregory
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Lead Bolts

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Dear Sandeep!

Lead bolts in case of exciters are the worst thing which can be done to the customers. They are so expensive, tha the next bigger size of exciter gear drive without bolts is cheaper than the smaller with lead bolts. So PEYTEC created an exciter which is large enough to accomodate only steel weights even at a speed of 750 Rpm!

Make a test run: Maybe the whole screen works also sufficient by use of steel insert weights only! Lifetime will increase.





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Re: Important

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Lead inserts in the mechanism counterweights have been used by several companies- Metso(Nordberg, Svedala), Schenck, etc.

Your bearing life L10 is a function of force and rpm and you can use it to increase your throw without a need to go for a bigger mechanism which is more expensive and heavier - additional mass will require even more unbalanced force and possibly structural modification to the mechanism beam and screen structure. With increased mass you will change the screen stiffness and natural frequencies of the screen. Using lead inserts can be a very simple and neat solution as long as you contact the mechanisms manufacturer or an engineer to check the calculations and bearings and advise on change consequences.


Ziggy Gregory

Ziggy Gregory

Re: Important Screening Plant

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